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The thematic program developed for the Nebraska State Capitol by University of Nebraska Professor of Philosophy Hartley Burr Alexander can be adapted for use to reinforce almost any curriculum addressing … Continued

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Capitol Sower 2019 June 2019 Edition The Nebraska Capitol Commission is Created February 2019 Edition The Quest for a New Capitol Began 100 Years Ago 2018 February 2018 Edition HVAC … Continued

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2024 February 2024 Edition Desk Updating and Capitol Clean-up 2023 February 2023 Edition South Door Restoration and Genius Plate June 2023 Edition Maintaining Capitol Trees and Shrubs August 2023 Edition … Continued

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Inscription in the Vestibule

History of Nebraska’s Capitols

In response to westward migration and the call for a trans-continental railroad Franklin Pierce signed the Nebraska-Kansas Act on May 30, 1854 creating the Nebraska Territory. The ensuing controversy over … Continued

Standing Abraham Lincoln Sculpture

The Lincoln Monument on the West Plaza of the Nebraska State Capitol is the only structure on the grounds that predates Bertram Goodhue’s “Tower on the Plains” begun in 1922. … Continued

More Goodhue Buildings

Bertram Goodhue designed many churches and public buildings during his life, including: All Saint’s Church, Ashmont, Massachusetts, 1892 Church of Our Savior, Middleboro, Massachusetts, 1897 The Deborah Sayles Public Library, … Continued

Project Phases and Timeline

In response to the competition requirement that the new Capitol be built in a fiscally responsible manner, Bertram Goodhue’s “cross within square” floor plan allowed construction to begin around the … Continued