Have a Flag Flown | Nebraska State Capitol

Requests to have a flag flown commemoratively at the Nebraska State Capitol should be directed to the Secretary of State’s Office, phone (402)471-4070.

Flags may be mailed or delivered to the: Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office; State Capitol Suite 2300; P.O. Box 94608; Lincoln, NE 68509-4608.

  1. The Nebraska Secretary of State, at the Secretary’s discretion, may request the Office of the Capitol Commission fly a Nebraska or United State flag for commemorative purposes on a flag pole located at the Nebraska State Capitol. All requests for commemorative flag flying shall be made to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office.
  2. Only United States or Nebraska flags of a standard 3’ x 5’ or 4’ x 6’ size will be flown commemoratively by the Office of the Capitol Commission. Commemorative flags shall be provided at the requester’s expense. Individuals and groups outside Nebraska State government are limited to one flag per request and a maximum of four requests per year.
  3. Commemorative flags will not be flown for commercial purposes and shall not be sold.
  4. The OCC will fly commemorative flags during business hours Monday – Friday. Commemorative flags will not be flown in inclement weather, as indicated in the United States Flag Code or on Federal and State Holidays, subject to the other provisions of this policy. A request for a flag to be flown on a specific date will be honored as weather conditions and staffing allow. If staffing or weather conditions do not allow a flag to be flown as requested, the flag will be flown on an alternate date as near to the requested date as possible.