The thematic program developed for the Nebraska State Capitol by University of Nebraska Professor of Philosophy Hartley Burr Alexander can be adapted for use to reinforce almost any curriculum addressing Nebraska History and Government, Western Civilization, Art and Art History. The guided tours provided for fourth graders on field trips address the Social Studies educational standards of the Nebraska Department of Education. The NDE has resources available for teachers to use, including the Virtual Capitol.

The Nebraska State Capitol and the Seasons uses the artwork of the Capitol to help Kindergarteners learn about the four seasons, and follows Department of Education curriculum standards for Social Studies SS 0.3.3.b. One lesson and answer key can be used by teachers to direct learning. A simplified lesson is for students to use on their own.

This lesson about the Blizzard of 1888 uses a Capitol mosaic mural to address Kindergarten Social Studies and Visual Arts standards of Nebraska Department of Education. SS 0.3.3.a, SS 0.3.5.a, SS 0.4.2.b, FA 2.2.1.b, FA 2.2.3.c, FA 2.2.4 d.

This lesson about shapes in the Capitol addresses Nebraska Department of Education Visual Arts Standard FA 2.2.3.b.

This lesson on United States Symbols uses the artwork in the Capitol to teach students about civic participation and symbols of the United States. This lesson aligns with NDE Social Studies curriculum standards SS 0.1.2.b.

Nebraska Educational Television has produced Capitol Masterpiece a program about the competition, construction and thematic importance of the Nebraska State Capitol.

For information about scheduling a tour of the Capitol for fourth graders and above, please contact the tour office.

The Ghosts of Western Civilization Haunt the Nebraska in a slide show tour designed for older students studying World History. Students and interested visitors are encouraged to come to the Capitol to view the relief sculpture on the west facade and follow the slide show.