Building Rooms | Nebraska State Capitol

Historic Rooms

Take a quick tour through the most distinguished chambers in the Capitol. The architect who designed the Nebraska State Capitol was Bertram Goodhue. The thematic program of the Capitol was developed by Dr. Hartley Burr Alexander. Sculptor for the Capitol was Lee Lawrie, and Hildreth Meiere designed all the floor and ceiling mosaics. The building … Continued


The theme of the Vestibule is “Gifts of Nature to Man on the Plains”. The sun, an important gift of nature, is represented in the top of the dome, the chandelier and the large floor mosaic. In the Guastavino mosaic tile dome, surrounding the sun and a calendar featuring the four seasons is a large … Continued


The theme of the Foyer is the “Life of Man”. On the floor are three mosaics which represent the Earth, “The Spirit of the Soil”, “The Spirit of Vegetation” and “The Spirit of Animal Life”. The three medallions in the ceiling represent “Traditions of the Past”, “Life of the Present” and “Ideas of the Future”. … Continued


The floor plan of the Capitol is a cross within a square and the Rotunda, 112 feet tall, is located at the intersection of the arms of the cross in the center of the building. The theme of the Rotunda is “Virtues of the State”. The eight winged figures in the dome form a celestial … Continued

East Chamber

In the east and west arms of the cross which is centered on the Rotunda are the two chambers of Nebraska’s legislature. Nebraska had a bicameral government until 1937, when the Unicameral was formed. The West Chamber was chosen to house the new single governmental body because it was the larger of the two chambers. … Continued

Supreme Court

Once each month, the Nebraska Supreme Court’s seven appointed justices hear oral arguments in an acoustically perfect chamber finished with American Walnut wood. The Supreme Court Chamber and its furnishings are constructed of American Walnut wood. The public benches, wainscoting, railing, and attorney’s tables and chairs are solid walnut. The Justice’s bench at the front … Continued

Court of Appeals

Bertram Goodhue designed a second Court Room for the Capitol. It was not used as such until after 1990, when a constitutional amendment established the Nebraska Court of Appeals. The Appeals Court convenes the third week of the month. One of two three judge panels presides behind a walnut bench carved with a crest denoting … Continued

Governor’s Suite

The Governor’s Office Suite includes the Governor’s Hearing Room, the Governor’s Reception Area and the private offices of the Governor and the Chief of Staff. The decorative style of the suite is Italian Renaissance. The Governor of Nebraska conducts state business in the most ornamental office suite in the State Capitol. The four chambers of … Continued

Memorial Chamber

The central room of the 14th Floor Observation Level is the Memorial Chamber, it is “dedicated to the forms of heroism called for in the public service and in devotion to humanity”. The dignity of the Chamber is derived from the monumental use of black marble-Black Belgian, Italian Porto Oro, and Vermont Verde Antique. The … Continued