The Nebraska State Capitol may be used by non-profit and not-for-profit or governmental groups as a site for rallies and news conferences to engage and educate the public. Groups must follow guidelines for use of the spaces available inside and outside the Capitol, guidelines below. Rallies are held on the exterior of the Capitol and are intended to draw large groups of people together to share information and support a common cause or activity.  News conferences may be held on the interior or exterior of the Capitol and are intended to provide information to the news media for broadcast to a wide audience.

Both activities should be scheduled in advance by calling the Tourism Supervisor at (402)471-0449 or emailing,, and filling out a Facility Use Permit to ensure there is no conflict with activities of government or events already scheduled. With advance notice sponsors of interior news conferences may have access to a lectern. With advance notice sponsors of rallies on the north or west plazas may have access to electricity. 

News Conference Guidelines

Rallies are held on the North Plaza or West Plaza of the Capitol. The West Plaza/Lincoln Monument is open year round for rallies and news conferences.  The North Plaza is available during the warmer months and is closed when temperatures are below freezing or after the first snow of the season, generally mid-October through mid-April. While the North Plaza is closed for winter, the public sidewalk along K Street in front of the Capitol may be used by small groups for rallies.

Rally Guidelines

The tower of the Capitol can be illuminated in different colors to draw attention to a cause or celebrate a special occasion by a non-profit or not-for profit or governmental group according to guidelines established by the Office of the Capitol Commission. Requests to light the Capitol are made via a Facility Use Permit available from the Tourism Supervisor.

 Tower Lighting Guidelines