Court of Appeals

Bertram Goodhue designed a second Court Room for the Capitol.

It was not used as such until after 1990, when a constitutional amendment established the Nebraska Court of Appeals. The Appeals Court convenes the third week of the month.

One of two three judge panels presides behind a walnut bench carved with a crest denoting the state motto-Equality Before the Law. The walls are finished with walnut book matched boardroom paneling.

A lattice and floral design, hand-stencil on linen, covers the narrow expanse of wall above the paneling. The beamed walnut ceiling is decorated with abstract multi-color Native American motifs.

The ceiling chandeliers and wall bracket lamps contain gilded arrows in their design. The checkered marble floor is covered by an original green chenille rug with rust colored floral border matching drapery of the same russet shade.