The Nebraska State Capitol is a beautiful monument with many spacious and grand public areas. Often the building is considered as a location for weddings. However, because the Capitol is a public building, private activities, such as weddings, must follow guidelines. By necessity, weddings in the Capitol are generally small and informal, with a maximum of 25 people, and last less than 1 hour. Wedding photography is allowed in the Capitol following additional guidelines.

Rotunda viewed from Great Hall
Rotunda balcony is quiet and private

Due to the Tour schedule and special events in the Capitol, it is important that you notify the Office of the Capitol Commission of the proposed day and time of your planned Capitol wedding. Contact the Tourism Supervisor at (402)471-0449 or email for information and to schedule a wedding.

Weddings must occur during normal public hours and last less than one hour.
Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday and Holidays 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Weddings must be held in public areas of the Capitol; 2nd Floor Rotunda, Rotunda Balconies, Capitol Courtyards and Grounds. The third floor balcony above the rotunda is a quiet and more private place to hold a small wedding ceremony, 30 people or less.

Wedding activity must not interfere with official functions of government, including guided tours. Capitol tours have priority and wedding activity must not interfere with the ability of the Tour to have access to the Vestibule, Foyer and Rotunda, and with the visiting public’s ability to see and hear the tour. Groups must be quiet while waiting for the ceremony.

No decorations, no props, and no equipment (chairs, tables, piano, PA, etc.) may be brought into the Capitol. No equipment will be provided by the Office of the Capitol Commission. Cameras and video equipment may be used during the ceremony.

Flowers allowed: those to be worn or carried by the wedding party. No other flower arrangements may be brought into the Capitol.

Signs or wedding announcements are not to be posted in the Capitol or on any surface in the building. The wedding party should have ushers or others available to guide those involved to the proper location. Guests waiting for the ceremony should wait quietly.

Rice, bird seed, confetti, soap bubbles, etc. are not to be used or thrown in the Capitol or on the Grounds, including steps and sidewalks.

CANDLES ARE NOT ALLOWED. No food or drinks are allowed, NO ALCOHOL.