Many furnishings that were purchased for the Goodhue Capitol were sold at auction during the 1950s, 60s and early 70s. These furnishings were primarily fabricated of walnut and include desks, tables, chairs and bookcases. Manufacturer’s names include Stow-Davis, Macey, Leopold, Colonial and Marble. Wicker or reed type furniture furnished many of the lounges and restrooms and was manufactured by the Heywood-Wakefield Company.

Light Fixtures
Original light fixtures found in standard office settings were chain hung and in some areas, ceiling mounted. With the advent of flourescent lighting, 100 percent of these fixtures were removed from service and only a handful remain in the collection. The fixtures are bronze and have milk-white shades with a decorative cross banding detail cast into the surface of glass.

Hanging office lamp
All offices once featured hanging lamps before being replaced with fluorescent lights.

The Warner Legislative Chamber (former East Senate Chamber) is an area of exceptional design quality and detail. One of the Chamber’s second floor level corner vestibule chandeliers is missing. The Warner Vestibule fixtures are similar in size and detail to the elevator vestibule fixtures, but with a shorter chain. The very decorative fixtures has rope detailing on the lower bronze segments, and stylized wheat just above the milk glass shade with gold stenciling.

decorative Warner Chamber chandelier missing for years
A decorative chandelier like this was removed from the Warner Chamber and cannot be found in the Capitol.

The Office of the Capitol Commission would appreciate any information about locating any of the furnishings originally intended for use in the Capitol. Similar pieces were manufactured for use in public and commercial buildings across the mid-west and nation and can be used in adaptive use spaces to fill in gaps in the collection. The Office of the Capitol Commission gladly accepts the donation of items for reuse in the Capitol, and occasionally finds similar furnishings at auctions and second hand stores. Please contact the Office of the Capitol Commission if you would like to aide in the search for missing items.