Capitol Archive | Nebraska State Capitol

The Nebraska Capitol Collection Archive collects and preserves material related to the original construction of the Bertram Goodhue’s Capitol. Expanding upon the materials filed away by the Nebraska Capitol Commission in 1934, the Capitol Archivist actively seeks photographs and documents associated with the construction of the building. Also of interest to the Archivist is information about the subsequent work in the Capitol, such as the addition of 20 murals to complete the original thematic program of Hartley Burr Alexander for the building. The Archivists seeks personal and family reminiscences of those who worked on the construction of the building or who worked in the Capitol prior to the 1970’s. The Archivist and Preservation Architects use this information to supplement and fill in the blanks of existing materials.

original architectural drawing of courtyard fountain
Items in the Collection include architectural drawings. this original drawing of a courtyard fountain was used to fabricate the courtyard fountains installed to celebrate the Sesquicentennial of Nebraska and finish Bertram Goodhue’s Capitol as he intended.

The Collections also contain items used to promote the new Capitol. Using these materials staff can learn how the building influenced the material culture of Nebraska and interpret the material for a modern audience. Souvenir items such as postcards, spoons, brochures, coffee mugs, bookends, etc. are collected as part of the record of the Capitol’s impact on Nebraska.

As individuals and families downsize and seek a home for Capitol related items, the Archivist and Preservation Architects encourage the donation of these items to the Nebraska Capitol Collections.

Requests for information about what is being sought to further the Nebraska Capitol Collection or for information about donations please contact the Archivist at (402)471-0444.