Educational Materials | Nebraska State Capitol

Third Grade Exterior Walking Tour This exterior walking tour around the Capitol and its environs discusses Department of Education Social Studies Standards for the World in Spatial Terms SS 3.3. There is a separate PDF with discussion for teachers and tour leaders and a student handout PDF with photos.

Bird Watching at the Nebraska State Capitol PDF This self guided tour of the interior and exterior of the Capitol has visitors looking for the many way birds are incorporated into the themes and artwork of the Capitol.

Walkthrough Tour Scavenger Hunt PDF was created for Nebraska fourth grade students. this tour has students look for answers in the artwork of the Capitol. There is a student’s sheet with blank spaces for answers and a separate answer key.

Abraham Lincoln Scavenger Hunt PDF Nebraska’s Capital City was named after the 16th President of the United States. This scavenger hunt leads visitors around the interior and exterior of the building to find the many ways Abraham Lincoln and his presidency influenced Nebraska’s development. There is an answer key.

Civics Lesson PDF These downloadable worksheets, and answer key, use the artwork of the Capitol to teach students about the three branches of Government, and the responsibilities of citizenship.

The United State Survey mural PDF slide show describes the early settlement and development of Nebraska following the Nebraska-Kansas Act of 1854.

The Spirit of Nebraska Mural PDF slide show describes the growth, development and the spirit of Nebraska and its people.

How Dinosaurs Came to the Nebraska State Capitol is the work of Neale Monks, Palaeontologist with the British Museum in conjunction with the University of Nebraska Museum of Natural History. Dr. Monk’s slide show describes the 1920’s collaboration of Capitol Thematic Consultant Hartley Burr Alexander, University of Nebraska State Museum Director and Paleontologist Erwin Hinkley Barbour and Capitol mosaicist Hildreth Meier as they created a stunning work of art and science in black and white marble tile.