Counselor and Gvoernor's Chair
The recently restored Counselor’s and Governor’s chairs are part of the Circulating Collection of furnishings and were specifically purchased for the Governor’s Hearing Room during the construction period of the 1920’s.

Nebraska’s new Capitol was completely furnished with very high quality walnut furniture from major manufacturers of the period. Additional furnishings included waste baskets, coat trees, and lamps. These furnishings fall into two categories, the Circulating Collection and the Permanent Collection. The Circulating Collection includes the Capitol original desks, tables and chairs used every day by staff and elected officials. The Permanent Collection includes furnishings taken out of service, usually in original condition, to serve as examples for staff to use when repairing and restoring similar furniture and objects.

Through the years, some of these furnishings moved with offices out of the Capitol and were often unknowingly placed at state surplus by agencies not recognizing their association with the Capitol. The Capitol Commission would like to see the return of these items to the Collection and their return to service in the offices of the Capitol.

As individuals and families downsize and seek a home for Capitol related items, the Archivist and Preservation Architects encourage the consideration of a donation of these items to the Nebraska Capitol Collections.

Requests for additional information about what is being sought to further the Nebraska Capitol Collection or information about donations contact the Archivist at (402)471-0444.