Herminghaus Landscape

Capitol Environs

Building Projects

The Office of the Nebraska Capitol Commission staff works continuously to care for the Nebraska State Capitol. Whether overseeing building-wide projects such as the restoration of the exterior limestone facade, or projects specific to one room in the Capitol, OCC’s highly skilled and trained staff maintain the Capitol in as original condition as possible. When … Continued

Preservation and Restoration

The Nebraska State Capitol, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 is also a Registered National Historic Landmark. Within the Capitol all areas are either Preservation Space or Adaptive Use Space. Preservation Spaces are those areas which possess a high degree of architectural finish and are primarily the ceremonial and public areas … Continued

Current Projects

During the Nebraska State Capitol’s 1922-32 construction period, with limited space on site for a power plant, the state took advantage of the University of Nebraska’s 1929 construction of a new coal fired power plant and enlarged the system to handle both facilities. The Capitol then relied on steam generated at the University’s 14th and … Continued

Past Projects

In 1989 a major restoration and renovation project was undertaken following the construction of a new facility to house the State’s Information Management Services. The project included 30,000 square feet of space in the Capitol vacated by data processing, and additional tower space. The project included the creation of two new public hearing rooms for … Continued

Nebraska Capitol Collections

Mission Statement Office of the Capitol Commission Nebraska Capitol Collections OCC/NCC Recognizing that the Office of the Capitol Commission is the main institution charged with the restoration, preservation, maintenance, and promotion of the Nebraska State Capitol building, and that the Capitol Collections are indispensable for such work, the OCC/NCC has adopted the following mission statement … Continued

Missing Furniture

Furnishings Many furnishings that were purchased for the Goodhue Capitol were sold at auction during the 1950s, 60s and early 70s. These furnishings were primarily fabricated of walnut and include desks, tables, chairs and bookcases. Manufacturer’s names include Stow-Davis, Macey, Leopold, Colonial and Marble. Wicker or reed type furniture furnished many of the lounges and … Continued

Lost Objects


In 1995 an inspection of the entire exterior surface of the Nebraska State Capitol was conducted by consultants. They determined that Nebraska’s seasonal temperature extremes and resulting freeze-thaw cycle had caused extensive movement and cracking in the stone building face and roof system sufficient to require major re-construction of these critical building components. The Nebraska … Continued