2022 Capitol Ornament Here

Nebraska’s state mammal, the White-tailed deer is featured on the 2022 Office of the Capitol Commission ornament. Hildreth Meiere’s vestibule ceiling mosaic portrays “Nature’s Gifts to Man on the Plains” with mosaics of Nebraska’s agricultural products and native animals. Several ungulates native to Nebraska are shown in the circular medallions filling the arches surrounding the dome; the White-tailed deer, the pronghorn, and the elk. While pronghorn and elk are found in the western half of the state, the White-tailed deer is found in all 93 counties of Nebraska.


To order or purchase the 2022 commemorative ornament or previous year’s ornaments, please contact the Office of the Capitol Commission at (402)471-0449 or go to capitol.nebraska.gov/visit/gift-shop.