COVID19 Impacts on the 107th Legislature

Public Interaction with the 107th Legislature First Session will remain limited due to the ongoing pandemic. To watch the sessions live go to NET Live & On Demand.


Speaker of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature Mike Hilgers has established procedures for the 2021 Legislative session which will allow the Legislature to discharge their constitutional duties during the pandemic.

The Speaker encourages all who interact with the Legislature, Senators and staff, to maintain a proper social distance and wear a mask. If you are sick stay home.


Norris Legislative Chamber access will be limited to State Senators and essential Legislative support staff.


The public, including lobbyists, will not be allowed to enter the Vestibule outside the Chamber or enter the Legislative balconies.


The Sgt. At Arms will not carry messages to Senators on the floor. Messages for a Senator while in session should be made via text message or through their office staff.


The public is encouraged to maintain a proper social distance and wear a mask when interacting with office staff in Senator’s offices and in public corridors.


No sponsored food or drinks will be distributed to Senators on the floor. No unsolicited food or drink should be delivered to Senator’s offices by any group or organization. Any deliveries to Senator’s offices must be prearranged between the sponsor and each Senator’s staff with an agreement and time to accept delivery.


The Legislature is finalizing plans to enable public hearings to be safely conducted during the pandemic. Initial plans call for morning and afternoon public hearings to be held during January and February beginning on January 25, 2021. Procedures will be finalized prior to that time. For additional information about public hearings please go to the Legislature’s website.