Capitol COVID19 Update

The Nebraska State Capitol is open to the public for the operation of state business.

Special event sponsors have cancelled public gatherings in the Capitol through the end of May and some June events have been cancelled, check the Capitol calendar. Public tours are available. Visitors are encouraged to maintain a 6 ft. physical distance between the guide, themselves and others while in the building. School closures have eliminated most school tours.   Call (402)471-0448 for information about tours.

The Office of the Capitol Commission has placed hand sanitizer throughout the Capitol in vending rooms and restrooms. OCC staff is sanitizing frequently touched surfaces twice a day and as needed.

Governor Pete Ricketts has taken Executive action to control the spread of COVID19 throughout the state. You can keep updated with email information directly from the Governor’s office.

The Governor has requested Nebraskans follow these six rules for the next three weeks to help slow spread of COVID19.

Six Rules to Keep Nebraska Healthy

  1. Stay home. No non-essential errands and no-social gatherings. Respect the 10-person limit.
  2. Socially distance your work. Work from home or use the six-foot rule as much as possible in the workplace.
  3. Shop alone and only shop once a week. Do not take family with you.
  4. Help kids follow social distancing. Play at home. No group sports and no playgrounds.
  5. Help seniors stay at home by shopping for them. Do not visit long-term care facilities.
  6. Exercise daily at home or with an appropriately socially-distance activity.

Nebraska State Government is operating during the COVID19 pandemic, however some agencies are allowing staff to work remotely. Please call or contact the agency prior to an office visit for assistance and to determine if an in office visit is necessary.

The Nebraska Legislature will remain adjourned until the Speaker of the Legislature reconvenes the 106th Legislature Second Session. Most Legislative Offices are closed and staff are working from home.

The Nebraska Judicial Branch continues to function in the Capitol and across the state under guidance of the Chief Justice.

History Nebraska facilities will be closed to the public indefinitely. They have numerous resources on line, click on the link for more information.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is canceling public activities and programs until May 31, 2020. State parks remain open for day use, fishing and recreation. Trails will remain open and all users of park facilities should practice proper physical distancing of at least 6 feet between healthy guests. For additional information go to the link.

Please call 402-471-0449 for more information about activity in the Capitol.