Rallying at the Capitol

Rallies at the Nebraska State Capitol are held on the public sidewalks around the perimeter of the Capitol grounds, and during warmer months, generally May – October, on the North Plaza of the Capitol. Groups wishing to rally at the Capitol must follow guidelines established by the Office of the Capitol Commission. For more information about having a rally at the Capitol please contact the Capitol Tourism Supervisor, Roxanne Smith, at 402-471-0449 or using the form below.

Guidelines for Use of the Capitol for Rallies The Nebraska State Capitol North Plazas may be used for public gatherings, vigils, demonstrations or rallies dealing with statewide political issues and activities. These events are generally held for the purpose of bringing groups of people together and creating community awareness for an issue or activity and are not allowed inside the Capitol.

These events are allowed on the exterior of the Capitol, weather permitting and may not be moved inside in case of inclement weather. Individuals and organizations holding a demonstration/rally must follow these guidelines.

  1. Demonstrations/rallies are allowed on the North Entrance lower terrace, and the public sidewalks near the street surrounding the Capitol between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and may last four hours.
  2. Official functions of government shall have priority for use of Capitol space.
  3. Participants shall not block or restrict access to any public entrance of the Capitol or grounds, nor interfere with the normal order of state business. A clear 5 foot wide aisle must be maintained for entry into and exit from the Capitol.
  4. Groups are responsible for any audio equipment used.  Access to electricity may be provided with 24 hour notice of the event.
  5. Any signs and/or banners must be hand held; wood, metal, plastic poles and standards are not allowed. No signs or banners may be affixed to or brought into the Capitol.
  6. Participants must remain on hard surfaces, terraces and sidewalks.  Groups are to keep
    off the lawn and shrubbery, and are not to climb on retaining walls or balustrades.
  7. NO CANDLES or open flames are allowed on the Capitol Grounds, plazas, entrances or sidewalks.

The Office of the Capitol Commission shall be notified of a group or individual’s intent to use the Capitol Plazas or public sidewalks for these purposes.  Two week’s notice is preferred.