Guidelines for Photography in the Capitol

The Office of the Capitol Commission has established guidelines for photographers, groups and individuals wishing to have their photos taken inside the Capitol. Because the Capitol is a public building with public functions of government taking place, private activities like photography sessions cannot block access or interfere with public functions such as guided public tours. For security and safety, photographers are asked to not move any signs and to follow guidelines while inside the Capitol. We request at least three days advance notice of plans to use the Capitol if possible. The Office of the Capitol Commission works with photographers to schedule sessions at separate times to maintain order and to advise photographers of public functions inside the Capitol which may limit access or prevent use of a space for photography. Please contact the Tourism Supervisor Monday – Friday at (402)471-0449 or the tour office at (402)471-0448 on the weekends with questions or to schedule a photography session in the Capitol.

The Capitol Christmas tree makes a nice backdrop for holiday family photos, but groups must not touch the tree, move decorations or allow children to crawl under the tree. Groups must keep quiet and not block access for the guided tour as it moves through the 2nd floor spaces. Groups cannot move any benches or closed signs and may not bring in any props for their photography sessions. The Nebraska State Capitol is a National Historic Landmark.  The building is often considered as a location for photographs.  However, because the Capitol is a public building, private activities such as photographs must follow the guidelines below. Photographs must not interfere with other official activities of government or other previously scheduled events.  1. Photographs must occur during normal public hours and may not last more than one hour.
Monday – Friday   8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday and Holidays   10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday           1:00 pm to 5:00 pm 2. Photographs may be taken in the following public areas of the Capitol;  2nd Floor Rotunda, 14th Floor Memorial Chamber, 2nd Floor Courtyard Galleries, and Capitol Courtyards and Grounds. 3. Do not move CLOSED signs. Furniture and signage may not be moved. 4. Groups must be quiet. PHOTOGRAPHS CANNOT BLOCK PUBLIC ACCESS IN ANY AREA OF THE CAPITOL. Capitol tours have priority and photography must not interfere with the ability of the tour to have access to the Vestibule, Foyer and Rotunda, and the visiting public’s ability to see and hear the tour. 5. No decorations, no props, no step stools or similar equipment other than a camera and a tri-pod with protected feet can be brought into the Capitol. Available-light photographs only, no supplemental lighting except camera mounted.  No equipment will be provided by the Office of the Capitol Commission. 6. No food or drinks are allowed. No alcohol is allowed.