Fall School Tours Good Idea

Even though spring is the usual time for school field trips, teachers are encouraged to schedule their field trip to Lincoln in the fall. In the months when the Legislature is in recess the Capitol is much quieter, there are fewer distractions, and there is less competition for prime tour times, 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. tours are available on most days. The elevators aren’t as busy with visitors and other school groups; trips to the top are easier with less waiting. And this year with the Nebraska History Museum closing for renovation, fall tours make even more sense. The Historical Society will offer student programs at the Society Headquarters building at 15th and R Street, but space is limited. Demand for these programs will be great this coming spring and group size will be limited to 60 or fewer. Scheduling a fall field trip will provide more opportunities to take advantage of the Society’s special programs. It will be easier to split large groups and move between the Capitol and Society in the fall when tours aren’t as heavily booked.  Contact Judy Keetle at (402)471-4757 for information about scheduling Historical Society activities and contact the tour office at the Capitol (402)471-0448 to schedule a Capitol tour.  We look forward to seeing students this fall.