C-SPAN Lincoln Weekend Includes Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol will be featured as part of the C-SPAN Cities Tour June 6-7, 2015. Plan to watch the segments in a block of programming on BOOK TV LINCOLN: SATURDAY, June 6th at 5pm CT on C-SPAN2,  and AMERICAN HISTORY TV LINCOLN: SUNDAY, June 7th at 1pm CT on C-SPAN3. The BOOK TV features will include: the story of Ponca Leader Chief Standing Bear with Joe Starita, author Willa Cather and her letters with Andrew Jewell, a visit to the Lincoln Library Heritage Room of Nebraska authors, and stories by author Mary Pipher of her work with refugees resettling in Lincoln. The AMERICAN HISTORY TV segments will feature the First Peoples of the Plains exhibit at the University of Nebraska State Museum, the Solomon D. Butcher photograph collection at the Nebraska State Archives, the Thomas P. Kennard House, the William Jennings Bryan House, the Nebraska State Capitol and Capitol Archive, and an interview with Governor Pete Ricketts. The programs featuring Lincoln will air on Saturday and Sunday and then be available online on a special “Lincoln” city web page at www.c-span.org/citiestour  where each Lincoln segment will be available to view after it airs.  In addition, all video segments will be available indefinitely on the C-SPAN Video Library site at www.c-span.org .