Peregrines Given Nebraska Names

The three Peregrine Falcons fledged at the State Capitol in 2013 will travel the nation carrying their Nebraska names with them. The winning names, Meadowlark, Goldenrod and Cottonwood, were submitted by two separate individuals who each received prizes. These names represent our state bird, our state flower, and our state tree. The three Peregrine’s in training can be seen flying around the Capitol. Now that they are much larger the nest box is crowded, and as with all siblings, they need their space. Occasionally they will return to the nest for a nap. The ledges and walls at the top of the Capitol are perfect spots for Meadowlark, Goldenrod and Cottonwood to spend time watching and learning from parents Ally (A/Y) and her mate 19/K. This is the 8th year this pair has successfully produced offspring. When you come to the Capitol, or as your pass by, keep your eyes up on the tower and you may catch a glimpse of the Peregrines practicing their skills and perfecting their flying, soaring and hunting techniques. By the end of August the youngsters should be ready to go out and claim new territory. For more information please go to the Game and Parks Commission Non-Game Bird Blog.