Blog about a Blog

Joel Jorgensen, Nongame Bird Program Manager with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, has begun a blog, Peregrine Falcons at the State Capitol, about the activities of the nesting pair of Peregrines atop the Nebraska Capitol. Joel’s blog features live video from the two new camera’s installed to monitor the nesting box 300 feet up on the east side of the Capitol’s tower. Bird watchers will enjoy the show as the cameras capture the daily life of the Peregrine family, the falcon, female, the tiercel, male, and hopefully in May, their offspring or eyas. If you happen to visit the capitol this spring be sure to stop on ground floor to check out the Peregrine Falcon display and learn more about these amazing birds of prey.  The Peregrines often eat their meals atop the Capitol and leftovers occasionally drop down to the observation deck level. The adventurous visitor will look for remnants of Peregrine dinner on the 14th floor observation decks to see what they’ve been eating. You may find bird’s heads, feet or wings. Visitors may also hear the cries of the Peregrines echoing off the limestone tower of the Capitol. And don’t forget to find the Peregrine mosaic in the rotunda floor. Once you’ve had a Peregrine adventure at the Capitol you can keep up with the Peregrines by bookmarking Joel’s blog, Peregrine Falcons at the State Capitol. The Sandhill Cranes return to the Platte, the Peregrine Falcons start nesting at the Capitol, it must be SPRING.