Lincoln’s new Peregrine Falcon named Lincoln

The lone eyas to fledge at the Nebraska State Capitol this year was given the name Lincoln in the Nebraska Games and Parks Name the Falcon Contest.  Lincoln can be frequently seen staying cool in his nest box.  Birds don’t sweat, so to keep cool, they pant or fluff up their feathers, or like Lincoln, hang out in the shade on a ledge of the Capitol tower.  Those near the Capitol can see him as he practices his flying skills.  While the mature Peregrines glide and swoop, the youngster can be see flapping his wings as he leaves his perch on the east side of the tower. His parents will teach him to hunt this summer as he prepares for a life on his own. In previous years the parents have been seen dropping birds from the sky above as the young Peregrines swoop and dive trying to capture the bird. Training will continue until late August when the young Lincoln will be on his own. Keep an eye on Lincoln via the Game and Parks web cam, or come the Capitol in the evening and scan the tower for the falcons.