Gift Shop Renovated

The Nebraska State Historical Society’s corridor door, and carpet. Electrical and computer Landmark Store in the Capitol opened wiring were upgraded to accommodate the November 20, 2009, to rave reviews. Everyone remarked at the new interior decor. Few realized that Office of the Capitol Commission staff had worked behind the scenes to create a state-of-the-art shop for the new tenant. The Historical Society’s gift store team developed a concept and design for the new store which included custom cabinets, specialized lighting and multimedia components to showcase Nebraska’s history. Tom Kaspar, Capitol Preservation Architect, coordinated the renovation and infrastructure improvements. Standard renovation activity includes paint stripping, plaster repair, painting, cleaning base and door trim, restoration of thecorridor door, and carpet. Electrical and computer wiring were upgraded to accommodate the additional lighting, monitors and point of sale system. As the Maintenance Shop worked to upgrade infrastructure, the Carpentry Shop worked on the display cabinets and sales counter. Brett Daugherty, Capitol Facility Maintenance Manager, coordinated the fabrication, finishing and installation of the custom cabinets. OCC staff manufactured, finished and installed the custom cabinets designed by the Historical Society’s interior design consultant. After the walls were painted and prior to door trim and carpet installation, OCC staff added electrical service to the sales counter. The sales counter was custom designed to reuse sections of the original copper roof removed in the exterior renovation project. During the Grand Opening of the Landmark Store in the Capitol, Michael Smith, left, Executive Director of the Nebraska State Historical Society thanked the Office of the Capitol Commission for their high quality work in renovating the Capitol’s gift shop space.