Exterior Masonry Update

Work on the Capitol Exterior Masonry Project stopped early due to the unusual December snow storms. In previous years the masonry contractor had been able to work well into December before shutting down. Demolition of the east entrance stairs, also planned for this winter resume once the snow melts and conditions improve. Work in 2010 will focus on completing the reconstruction of the East Entrance and stairs, and tuck pointing in the northeast quadrant of the Capitol’s base. The roofing contractor began installing copper on the west side two years ago and completed the south roof of the Law Library this past fall. Work was progressing well on the east and when snow came. The roofing contractor will continue to work as conditions on the roof allow. Masonry contractors continued to work on the east entrance demolition after the first snowfall in early December. The additional snowfall finally halted work. The roofing contractor had made progress replacing the copper roof on the south and east sides. The snow has slowed progress, but the contractors continue to work when conditions allow.