Session Reconvenes with COVID Changes

As the Nebraska Unicameral reconvenes to complete its 106th Legislative Session, Speaker Jim Scheer has implemented new procedures to provide a safer environment for Senators and staff to finish their work for Nebraskans.

Beginning July 20 and running through the August 13, 2020 adjournment, the Legislature will meet with proper social distancing and very limited access to the Chamber to limit the spread of COVID-19. With the restrictions identified below for public interaction with the Legislature during the remainder of this session, it may be a better option for Nebraskans to watch and communicate with their senator from the safety of their own home.  

Specifically for the public and lobbyists, the main entrance vestibule and glass doors leading from the rotunda to the George W. Norris Legislative Chamber will be closed. The area will be roped off to prevent access. Lobbyists and members of the public will not be permitted in any of the Legislative Chamber balconies. The Sgts. At Arms will not be delivering messages from lobbyists or the public in the rotunda wanting to communicate with a senator. Senators will be encouraged to communicate with the public and lobbyists via text messaging and cell phone calls.

Members of the public and lobbyists will be encouraged to maintain a proper 6 foot social distance and wear masks while in the Capitol rotunda, corridors or senator’s offices. Lobbyists and the public will not be allowed in the corridor behind the Legislative Chamber during active session. Food sponsored by groups and organizations will not be distributed to senators on the legislative floor or to Senator’s offices. 

Any confirmation hearings scheduled during the reconvened session will have the audience limited to 27 people with proper social distancing in the hearing room audience seating.

All senators, staff, lobbyists and members of the public interacting with the Legislature are encouraged to wear a mask when walking in the hallways, standing in the rotunda, and when speaking with others in offices.