HVAC Phase II Begins

East Entrance open to public during HVAC project.
The East Entrance remains open while being used for HVAC construction access.

All ground floor entrances remain open during the Phase II HVAC Project work.

Phase II of the Capitol’s HVAC project most impacts the southeast quadrant where the Judicial branch is housed.  The Court Administrator, Probation Administration and Supreme Court Judges have moved into the tower. The Clerk of the Courts will move to Room #2122 located near the public entrance to the Court of Appeals in the south 2nd floor corridor. All other court and probation administration public business will be conducted on 10th floor via the northwest tower elevator. Both Courts will use the Court of Appeals until the second phase is substantially complete in June of 2021.   

Room #2122 will house Clerk of Court
During the second phase of the HVAC Project the Clerk of the Courts will be housed behind the Court of Appeals in Room #2122.

The Legislature has located 6 senators on 11th floor while Legislative offices in the southeast quadrant are being fitted with new HVAC equipment. Visitors to see Sens. Cavanaugh, Dorn, Gragert, B. Hansen, La Groene, and Slama will need to call their offices for access, phone numbers and a phone for that purpose are at the ground floor information desk.

The café has moved back to its original location in the south center ground floor corridor and shares space with vending machines. The Landmark Store has moved to Room #1301 by the east ground floor entrance.  The Capitol mail room has been temporarily relocated to the west side of first floor south center corridor.