Legislature Convenes

Corn mosaic in Speaker's Niche
Corn mosaic in Speaker’s Niche

The Second Session of the 106th Nebraska Unicameral Legislature will convene in the George W. Norris Legislative Chamber on Wednesday January 8, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Visitors are welcome to view the opening day proceedings from the third floor Legislative balcony or via NET Live Legislative streaming or on NET Channel 2. 

Information about the Legislature can be found on their website, including the Legislative Calendar, Hearing Schedules, the Senator’s and Committee Lists. There is a handy tool to find your Senator and their webpages.

To View the Unicameral in Session

The following rules must be observed. Groups and individuals not meeting these requirements may be asked to leave.

1.  Public seating is allowed in the balconies only. 

2.  All briefcases, bags and purses are subject to search.  No weapons are allowed.   

3.  No flash photography.  Non-disruptive photography and videotaping is allowed without supplemental lighting.

4.  Cellular phones and pagers must be turned off.

5.  No food, drink or smoking is allowed. Shirts and shoes are required, please remove hats.

6.  Everyone must remain seated and quiet while in the Legislative Chamber. No leaning on or over the balcony railing.  Do not place or rest anything on the balcony railing.  No talking, clapping, or gestures of approval or disapproval of the proceedings is allowed.  Signs and banners are not allowed.