Rallies and News Conferences

The Nebraska State Capitol may be used by non-profit and not-for-profit or governmental groups as a site for rallies and news conferences to engage and educate the public. Groups must … Continued


The Nebraska State Capitol is a beautiful monument with many spacious and grand public areas. Often the building is considered as a location for weddings. However, because the Capitol is … Continued


The Nebraska State Capitol offers many architectural settings for family and wedding photographs. Because the Capitol is public building private activities such as photography must not block public access or … Continued

Public Programs and Ceremonies

The Nebraska State Capitol is the seat of state government and beautiful monument representing Nebraska’s diverse people and their history. As an inspirational monument with beautiful public spaces it is … Continued

Capitol Archive

The Nebraska Capitol Collections (NCC) is one of the most comprehensive collections of architectural records for a single structure. The NCC preserves a very diverse and detailed history of the … Continued

Furniture Collection

Nebraska’s new Capitol was completely furnished with very high quality walnut furniture from major manufacturers of the period. Additional furnishings included waste baskets, coat trees, and lamps. These furnishings fall … Continued

Capitol Photos for Free Use

The following photographs of the Nebraska State Capitol may be downloaded and used by students, journalists, and others researching, promoting or referencing the Capitol. The photographs may not be reproduced … Continued

Capitol Environs

  Bertram Goodhue’s original 1920 Capitol design concept included the setting for his building within the capital city. Goodhue planned four formal boulevard approaches to the Capitol from the north, … Continued

Contact Information

Office of the Capitol Commission Phone: (402)471-6691 Mailing Address: Office of the Capitol Commission P.O. Box 94696 Lincoln, NE  68509-4696 Street Address: 1445 K Street Tour Office (402)471-0448 Tourism Supervisor/Special … Continued


The words “Nebraska State Capitol” do not appear on the exterior of Nebraska’s Capitol to identify the building. Instead, the names of Nebraska’s 93 counties circle the building’s 437′ square … Continued