Preservation and Restoration of the Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 is also a Registered National Historic Landmark. Within the Capitol all areas are either Preservation Space … Continued

Nebraska Capitol Commission

The Capitol Commission was first created in 1867 to find the location for a Capital City and has been called into service at various times when Nebraskans were in need … Continued

Office of the Capitol Commission

The Office of the Capitol Commission, the administrative and operational arms of the Nebraska Capitol Commission, is staffed by highly skilled professionals who maintain the Nebraska State Capitol as the … Continued

Nebraska State Government in the Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol was originally designed to house all offices of state government. As government has grown through the years, the service agencies, such as Health, Education and the … Continued

Media Kit


Please be advised that all information which is collected by state agencies is likely to be considered a public record which is available for public review under the Nebraska Public … Continued

Annual Reports

2022 Fiscal Year 2021 Fiscal Year 2020 Fiscal Year 2019 Fiscal Year 2018 Fiscal Year 2017 Fiscal Year 2016 Fiscal Year 2015 Fiscal Year 2014 Fiscal Year 2013 Fiscal Year … Continued

Goodhue’s Concept

Screed of Mr. Goodhue The site is a square in the heart of the city of Lincoln, the point of intersection of two great avenues; while the surrounding country is … Continued

Bus Parking

ATTENTION: TEACHERS AND BUS DRIVERS Busses are not allowed to park at the north entrance of the Capitol on ‘K’ Street. Busses are allowed to stop and unload students, but … Continued

Capitol Displays

It is possbile to schedule an educational display in the first floor rotunda of the Nebraska State Capitol following guidelines established by the Office of the Capitol Commision. Displays are … Continued